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Cultivating A Sustainable Core 

Live Webinar (online)


Approved Continuing Education

for Yoga Professionals and Enthusiasts



The Companion Text is now available! Discover the secrets to building strength and resilience in your "Earth Suit"! This workshop is designed for you to experience the concepts and exercises to Cultivate A Sustainable Core. Taught by the author personally, you learn directly from the source and have direct access to your unique questions- in live time!


Beneficial and useful for physical & mental health professionals, as well as anyone who is looking to perform well in any movement activity, in any stage of life.


Dive deep with a group of like-minded yoga enthusiasts while relaxing your emergency core muscles. 

Have fun and earn 4.0 approved professional development (APD) hours for IAYT Certified Yoga Therapists and Continuing Education for Yoga Alliance Teachers.


Friday, July 26, 2024

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Can't make it live? No worries, register anyway and we will send you the recording and you can get credit at your own pace (for up to one year).

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Identify evidence-based optimal spinal posture for efficient muscle recruitment.


Analyze sustainable core muscle recruitment versus fight or flight muscle response.


Distinguish between energy-saving and energy-consuming breathing mechanics.

"Liz Duncanson shares profound personal insights, movement practices, and wisdom in this (presentation). She blends yoga with updated functional biomechanics and spirituality for the "Earth Suit" and the "Ethereal Realm". (This information) is a treasure for health care providers, wellness practitioners, and also those seeking to optimize their own mind, body and spirit as integrated, interdependent parts. (Participants) will obtain a broad myofascial, viscerosomatic, neuroendocrine and energetic view of the core of the body, in contrast to what has previously been depicted in the scientific world as a fragmented isolated centre of the body core. The use of imagery, illustrations and exercise sequencing combine to create a guide for fitness as well as rehabilitation and the results of implementing this work can lead to an aligned, mindful, fully breathing core. Liz Duncanson elegantly defines and explains the yoga practices that offer spiritual awareness, growth, and a glimpse into bliss and offers readers pearls beyond yoga Asanas and Pranayama."

-Dr. Maureen Mason, a leading expert in pelvic health rehabilitation, and author of The Pelvic Rehabilitation Guide Across the Lifespan.

Learn the four pillars Liz teaches all clients to rehabilitate and injury and cultivate a sustainable core!

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