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The Book, Cultivating A Sustainable Core is AVAILABLE NOW! #ad

Liz's Book, Cultivating A Sustainable Core, is here!

Cultivating a Sustainable Core demonstrates how the application of breathing, mindful movement and cognitive reframing practices can counteract the effects of detrimental postural and movement habits, breath and thought patterns, pain, and chronic stress. Extensive research backs up the author's discoveries while illustrations and user-friendly practices bring the theory and practical techniques to life.

Great for clients who want to move better in their "Earth Suit" as well as practitioners helping others heal their body-mind-spirit. Available Now!

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The Trinity of Wellness: Liz Duncanson and the Journey to a Sustainable Core Yoga Therapy Hour with Amy Wheeler

Check out this episode of The Yoga Therapy Hour Podcast! Today, we're excited to have Liz Duncanson, a renowned author and expert in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, joining us. Liz's groundbreaking book,

"Cultivating a Sustainable Core: An Integrative Framework Integrating Body, Mind, and Breath into Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation," has been a game changer in the way we understand and approach physical therapy and yoga therapy. In this engaging discussion, Liz shares her insights and experiences, shedding light on the intricate connection between the body, mind, and breath in achieving holistic wellness and sustainable core strength.¬†MARCH 15, 2024 ‚ÄĘ S6 E16

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Cultivating A Sustainable Core

A framework integrating body, mind and breath into musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

The Book 


Through the lenses of Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Athletic Conditioning, and Yoga.

Author: Liz Gillem Duncanson

Foreword by: Shelly Prosko

Illustrations: Masha Pimas

Publisher: Singing Dragon


What do posture, breath, and mindfulness have to do with wellness? 

Integrating holistic treatments into movement and wellness practices, Cultivating a Sustainable Core is an indispensable guide for initiating and organizing assessments and interventions for patients with multiple injuries. 

Drawing on clinical research and years of experience in physical therapy, sports medicine, athletic conditioning and yoga, this book explains why the author first addresses the body's dynamic central motor stability and efficiency when treating clients. Cultivating a Sustainable Core demonstrates how the application of breathing, mindful movement and cognitive reframing practices can counteract the effects of detrimental postural and movement habits, breath and thought patterns, pain, and chronic stress. Extensive research backs up the author's discoveries while illustrations and user-friendly practices bring the theory and practical techniques to life.


now available

Publication Date: July 21, 2023 
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What readers are saying:


"I found "Cultivating a Sustainable Core" by Elizabeth Duncanson to be an invaluable resource that would revolutionize a clinician’s approach to musculoskeletal rehabilitation. The book offers a comprehensive framework that seamlessly integrates the body, mind, and breath, providing a holistic perspective on core strength and stability. With its practical exercises and insightful guidance, this book would empower any clinician to enhance their patients' recovery journeys and achieve sustainable, long-term results."

Betsy Daley Yoga and Pilates Instructor

"Cultivating A Sustainable Core is a wonderful presentation of concepts Liz has taught over the years. When reading, I get completely pulled in to the information … the flow from one section to the next is masterful. It’s a pleasure to read and absolutely fascinating."

Nina Krebs, Ed.D.

"Clearly, Liz spent hours organizing this material, and doing the hard work of writing, so readers can grasp the content. Cultivating A Sustainable Core is a wonderful, creative, well-developed work."

 Harris Masket, MD:

"(Liz's Thesis) works.  I'm living breathing proof. I can't wait to share with patients and friends...great drawings and the explanations fit well with the illustrations."

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Joanne Gailius, BSR, PT/OT Full Circle Physiotherapy Special Interest in Women’s Health, Pelvic and Oncology Physiotherapy:

“It's brilliant!  I was sitting by the river reading this book today and could hardly put it down (except I had to put it down and ponder after rereading bits often);  such wonderful descriptions of that delicate, vulnerable, compassionate meeting place of physioyogasportsmed... (looks like a German noun!) and the whole human being that our clinic's visitors and we clinicians are.  So grateful!“

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Press Reviews

  • Maureen Mason, DPT, WCS, PYT, author of Pelvic Rehabilitation

    Liz Duncanson shares profound personal stories, insights, movement practices, and wisdom in this book. She blends yoga with updated functional biomechanics and spirituality for the "Earth Suit" and the "Ethereal Realm". The book is a treasure for health care providers, wellness practitioners, and also those seeking to optimize their own mind, body and spirit as integrated, interdependent parts. Readers will obtain a broad myofascial, viscerosomatic, neuroendocrine and energetic view of the core of the body, in contrast to what has previously been depicted in the scientific world as a fragmented isolated centre of the body core. The use of imagery, illustrations and exercise sequencing combine to create a guide for fitness as well as rehabilitation and the results of implementing this work can lead to an aligned, mindful, fully breathing core. Liz Duncanson elegantly defines and explains the yoga practices that offer spiritual awareness, growth, and a glimpse into bliss and offers readers pearls beyond yoga Asanas and Pranayama. I highly recommend it.
  • Amy Wheeler, Ph.D. Former President of the Board of International Association of Yoga Therapists Founder of Optimal State

    Cultivating a Sustainable Core demonstrates the necessity for Yoga Therapy as a modality right along with Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning and Physical Therapy. This book will be useful for physical & mental health professionals, as well as anyone who is looking to perform well in any movement activity, as well as any stage of life.
  • Marlysa Sullivan DPT, C-IAYT Author of Understanding Yoga Therapy and Yoga and Science in Pain Care

    Liz Duncanson beautifully and skillfully illustrates the role of the Physical Therapist as an entry point to deeper change. She weaves the interconnection of the body itself with that of the whole person offering rich nuances and depth to the discussion of the core in an accessible and applicable manner. This book will benefit the healthcare practitioner wanting to learn more and to bring this integrative work into their practice as well as the person seeking to work with their own personal experience.

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