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Cultivating A Sustainable Core

A framework integrating body, mind and breath into musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

The Book 


Through the lenses of Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Athletic Conditioning, and Yoga.

Author: Liz Gillem Duncanson

Foreword by: Shelly Prosko

Illustrations: Masha Pimas

Publisher: Singing Dragon


What do posture, breath, and mindfulness have to do with wellness? 

Integrating holistic treatments into movement and wellness practices, Cultivating a Sustainable Core is an indispensable guide for initiating and organizing assessments and interventions for patients with multiple injuries. 

Drawing on clinical research and years of experience in physical therapy, sports medicine, athletic conditioning and yoga, this book explains why the author first addresses the body's dynamic central motor stability and efficiency when treating clients. Cultivating a Sustainable Core demonstrates how the application of breathing, mindful movement and cognitive reframing practices can counteract the effects of detrimental postural and movement habits, breath and thought patterns, pain, and chronic stress. Extensive research backs up the author's discoveries while illustrations and user-friendly practices bring the theory and practical techniques to life.


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We signed our book contract with the publisher and illustrator in the summer of 2019 with full intentions of writing the book in Spring of 2020. Well...most of you know what happened next. For those who don't: we moved in with our elderly mom to help her age in place, the Pandemic hit, and we had to temporarily shut down our Physical Therapy Practice and relocate.

The brick and mortar practice is now up and running full time, the kids are back in school, and now we are trying to find time to write. Please consider joining our Book or Coffee Club!


October 2022 Update:

 The manuscript is in the publisher's hands - now we wait!

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What readers are saying:

Harris Masket, MD
Oakland, California

"(Liz's Thesis) works.  I'm living breathing proof." 

Nina Krebs, Ed.D.

"Clearly, Liz spent hours organizing this material, and doing the hard work of writing, so readers can grasp the content. Cultivating A Sustainable Core is a wonderful, creative, well-developed work."

Betsy Daley

"Cultivating A Sustainable Core is a wonderful presentation of concepts Liz has taught over the years. When reading, I get completely pulled in to the information … the flow from one section to the next is masterful. It’s a pleasure to read and absolutely fascinating."