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Do you want to know your Biological Age?


Come find out at our OPTIMAL HEALTH RETREAT!


NOVEMBER 4 & 5, 2023

This November, join us at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California for an exhilarating new retreat led by Dr Brad Jacobs and Dr Harris Masket with keynote speaker Shaun Tomson. The highly-personalized immersive experience is designed to help you achieve breakthrough athletic performance and redefine your limits, regardless of age. During the retreat, Dr Brad and Dr Harris will get to know you, your physiology, and your audacious goals to empower you to up-level your game with an athletic program customized specifically for you. Leveraging the latest health technology, wearables, and other tools, your goals will be shifted from learning to action.

Update: 10-23-23: We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled due to low enrollment :(

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With a comprehensive movement & strength assessment and laboratory assessments, including: Biological Age, CGM metrics, VO₂ max, lactate threshold, and body composition.


Receive expert-directed sports assessment and performance protocols customized to your areas of need, including: mobility, strength, speed, recovery, fueling and/or healthspan.


Achieve your performance goals using the latest science in successful behavior change with the option for ongoing concierge integrative medical care and coaching.

Join us to discover your personalized fitness hacks

Price Includes 16 core sessions + small VIP sessions + electives + labs (Biological Age using clinical labs, CGM, and VLamax)


Friday, NOVEMBER 3rd- Pre-Retreat 

3:00 PM Optional baseline lab testing and sport/physical assessment with core faculty; CGM placement/data review 

6:00 PM VIP cocktails, introductions and socializing

7:00 PM VIP dinner with faculty

DAY 1:
Saturday, NOVEMBER 4th

7:30 AM Yoga or Hike 

9:00 AM Welcome / Personal Assessment with Dr Brad’s 6 Pillars of Healthy Living

9:45 AM Precision Fueling for Exercise: From Substrate Utilization to CGMs with Dr Brad & Dr Harris

10:30 AM Non-Negotiable Tools for Emotional Fitness with Leigh Weinraub, Keynote Speaker

11:15 AM Outdoor small group fitness activities – hike, functional fitness, Tai Chi 

12:15 PM Lunch buffet / optional body composition or personalized sports assessment

2:00 PM Biological Age & Healthspan: Movement, Lean Body Mass, Inflammation, Grip and Strength with Dr Harris

2:45 PM Cultivating a Sustainable Approach Toward Core Strength and Stabilization with Liz

3:30 PM Break 

3:45 PM Personalized assessments and expert demonstrations with Liz, Dr Harris, Jae and Krishna
Optional: outdoor small group activity (hike, run, cycle, ocean swim)

5 PM Break

5:30 PM Dinner at the Cavallo Point Cooking School

DAY 2:
Sunday, NOVEMBER 5th

8:00 AM Tai Chi with Dr Brad

9:00 AM Tracking Performance: From Strength to Cardiorespiratory Fitness with Dr Harris (VLamax, FTP, VO₂ Max)

10:00 AM Injury Prevention and Recovery with Dr Harris and Jae

11:00 AM The Code for the Next Wave with Shaun Tomson, Keynote Speaker

12:00 PM Lunch buffet / optional body composition

1:15 PM Personalized assessments and expert demonstrations with Liz, Dr Harris, Jae and Krishna

2:15 PM Personalized Protocols,: Creating Your Personalized Athletic Performance Action Plan with Dr Brad 

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In October 2022, Body Temple and Body Synergy FitCation Teamed up to Present:

A FitCation Retreat - Kona

We called all fitness levels to 
join Liz and Lisa for 6 nights at the Whale Spirit Sanctuary in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

A curated itinerary - the planning was done!

A private chef - to fuel the days,

Daily fitness and yoga with Liz and Lisa - to get you moving and keep you moving well.

Explore Hawaii - hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, dolphins, manta rays, beaches, and a volcano.

Rooms, meals, daily fitness and yoga classes,  hiking, kayaking, two National Park and volcano excursions -- all included. 

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Aloha 'oe i ko Hawai'i!
Welcome to Hawaii!

Our Hawaii FitCation retreat is designed to share the
expansiveness of the Aloha Spirit. We aim to nourish and
heal, to provide space to connect and to feel supported.
Our theme is Pilina
- Connection; we will explore many ways
to connect to ourselves, each other, and to the magic of the
Big Island of Hawaii.
E Pili Kava - let's be together
Mahalo and Aloha,
Lisa and Liz